Popping vitamin pills can be an extremely dull routine. However, taking an effervescent tablet is a great new way of taking vitamins as it adds an exciting sparkling fizz, how? Because Fizzy is the new healthy! Just put a tablet of vitamins into a glass of water and enjoy a delicious dose of nutrition! 

Effervescent tablets offer many interesting and unique advantages and are much safer than normal tablets. Multivitamins, energy drink, hydration fuels are every day essentials.Calgovit Effervescent tablet

Energy Booster: After a workout, you get tired and crave for water that means your body is dehydrated! Getting a hydration fuel along with water when you are already tired is a blessing.

Easy to consume: Taking supplement has never been this easy, just drop one effervescent tablet in water, let it dissolve and your energy fuel is ready. 

Easy to digest: Effervescent tablets are water soluble vitamins which are easy to digest, the tablet dissolves in water before consumption, wherein other tablets digest after consumptions and in many cases you may face gastrointestinal issues.

Liquid intake shoots up: When the water tastes good, we drink more. Effervescent tablet contains flavors and fizz which taste great, this tend to increase water intake and maintain the balance of liquid in the body.

More active nutrients: Effervescent technology also increases the ability to package a higher volume of active ingredients as compared to tablets. This allows larger amounts of multiple minerals and vitamins to be put together for easier absorption.

Consistent and Reliable Dose: Effervescent vitamins are more stable than their liquid or tablet counterparts. This means the formulation gives you a consistent and reliable dose each time you take it. As against tablets or liquid forms of vitamins, the ingredients in effervescent forms are already evenly distributed in the solution and localized concentrations cannot occur.

Calgovit is a sugar free hydration fuel, made with a perfect blend of Antioxidant, Carbohydrates and a unique combination of nutrients. 

Contains high strength Vitamin C which helps in reducing fatigues, managing stress and keeps you active all day long, Calgovit forms a deliciouis bubbly drink when mixed in water.

Healthy living is a lifestyle, like multivitamins, Calgovit Vitamin C is suitable for pre-workout and post work-out.

It is available in Orange and Raspberry flavor. 

Calgovit Vitamin C
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