1. How long will my order take?

Ans: Our products are shipped the same day, if ordered before 10am Monday – Friday.

Note, an order placed after 12pm Friday will not be dispatched until the following Monday.

Lagos delivery (1-2 business days)

Other Cities (2-5 business days)

2. How long can your product be stored?

Ans: All our products have an expiring date of two years after the date of manufacture.

3. Where are your products manufactured?

Ans: United Kingdom

4. What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Ans: We usually do not have such complaints; However, things might go wrong. Please call 09083687035 or send an email to enquires@oaklifevitamins.com with your order number also include details of the problem you are experiencing. We will do our best to resolve all issues within the shortest time.

5. Can your products be taken with other medication?

Kindly consult your pharmacist if you are taking any other medication or you have any pre-existing, known health conditions. Due to the Vitamin K2 in D3K2, it should not be taken with WARFARIN

6. Can I take Immun-activ and Vitaminn D3K2?

Yes, there is no known interaction between immune-activ and D3k2. However, consult your pharmacist before you take any medication.

7. Can anyone with diabetes take your products?

Our products do not show any untoward effects in people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

8. Where can I purchase your supplements?

All Oaklfe vitamins are available in pharmacies around you, however in places where you may not be able to make purchase kindly visit (our online store) “include hyper link” for order placement or contact us to redirect you to the closest pharmacy around you.

9. Can children take Vitamin D3k2, if yes what’s the dosage?

Children from 8 years old can take one daily

10. Since VitaminD3K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin how often can one take it?

Oaklife Vitamin D3K2 should be taken as one capsule daily for a minimum of 3months.

11. How can I resell your product in my location?

We will be delighted to do business with you, kindly contact us (include hyperlink to form), include the name of your pharmacy and location. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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