#6 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life for Better Fertility Outcomes

Forget everything you think you know about sex and let me spill some tea. For those of you trying to conceive, sex is a great deal in the reproductive process and even though science has found a way to manipulate it, not many are keen on procreating the science way and there is only a small percentage of people who can actually afford to go through that process. So, let’s face it, most of us have to procreate naturally and for that to happen, a man must meet a woman or vice versa. And so, for this reason, today’s blog article is dedicated to those looking to conceive naturally through sex, and of course, I have shared a few tips to help you navigate your sex life while trying for a baby, Goodluck!


Have as much sexual intercourse as you can within and outside your fertile window; Anyone ever told you that when trying to conceive is not quite the time to hoard the cookie? no sis! Also, see how I didn’t limit sexual activities to your fertile window? Exactly! Ovulating or not, get busy under the sheets, you both need to utilize every opportunity to increase your chances of landing that one breakthrough shot. 


Strive continually to build emotional connection and intimacy between you and your partner; The journey to fertility can be one nerve-wracking, overwhelming experience and it is important to not just focus on the goal of having a baby but be sensitive towards your partner. Don’t forget a crucial part of the process actually involves having sex and that can quickly become a hassle if there is no intimacy or connection.


If you struggle with the consistency of your vaginal fluid during intercourse, you may apply any preferred form of lubrication. Substances as simple as water could do the magic or you may consider lubricants. Adequate lubrication can literally take your sexual activities to the next level. It is a great way to spice up your sex life if you have trouble staying wet or you just want more fluid. However, be mindful of lubricants, especially the ones that contain any ingredient that is considered a spermicide as this may be counterproductive. 


It's okay to turn to natural aphrodisiacs such as bananas, watermelon, tigernut, dark chocolates, etc; Generally speaking, aphrodisiacs are sexual enhancers and have been said to boost sexual libido in both men and women, now other than the fact that most natural sexual enhancers are quite easy to come by they are also mostly yummy, what’s not to love? Remember the goal is to enhance your fertility outcomes and what better way to do it but improve your libido, the more healthy sex you’re having the closer you are to getting that positive pregnancy news.


Don't be shy to spice things up in the bedroom, be adventurous; Whoever said you cannot explore in the bedroom while trying to conceive? Now back to our first tip which is to have sex as much as possible, the last thing you want for yourself and your partner is to lose the spark and then transition to having a struggling or boring sex life. How do you stop this from happening? Simple! Stay open to exploring your sexual fantasies with each other, learn new ways of doing the regular things you’d normally do, and new ways to satisfy your partner.


Reduce stress; Firstly, stress not only messes with you physically, it can strain you mentally and emotionally too, and let’s not forget the journey to fertility can also exert some form of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Now because you actually need all of these intact to have any level of sexual intimacy or connection with your partner it is important that you do what you can to totally reduce anything that can cause you to lose your balance. Be intentional and strive to remain positive through the process, you got this!

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