Are you team diet or team eat and live healthy? Whatever side you’re on you may be pleased to know that they both yield results but here’s the thing, while the former yields temporary results the latter yields not just permanent but better results.


Dieting according to Wikipedia is the practice of eating food in a regulated way to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight, or to prevent and treat diseases such as diabetes and obesity which means that its more or less like a program which you engage in for a period of time to get certain results. It’s like reading for a test so bad and cramming everything you need to ahead of the test, you definitely might pass the test. However, what you find is that when all is said and done, you’re right back to square one because you did not study to understand and digest the information, rather you merely studied to pass.

Does this make dieting the easier bet? Absolutely not! It is important to note that both dieting and eating clean or maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy, you’re going to have to put in the work to see results which then brings me to the question, wouldn’t you rather work hard for a more permanent result than a temporary one?

While leading a healthy lifestyle may seem like travelling the long road, I assure you it is so worth it! Not only do you feel liberated and fit, you are actually physically and mentally fit and you get to feel like that for life but the keyword here is CONSISTENCY!

lifestyle habits

Committing to making healthier lifestyle choices saves you the discomfort of dieting so no you don’t have to starve yourself of your most loved meals, drinks or snacks because you understand your body better and know how to create a balance such that you are not worried about gaining a few extra pounds or even hurting yourself from sticking to a particular meal plan.

Dieting more often than none is resorted too mainly for the purpose of weight loss as previously established and so the sole aim is to loose excessive weight gain which when assessed is caused by none other than a lack of indulgence in a healthy or fit lifestyle. It may require that you completely forfeit some if not all of your favorite meals and as soon as you slack you can be sure to lose your results just as quickly.

Most healthy and physically fit people on the other hand get to eat just whatever they want to eat from time to time, on their cheat days which is an even bigger perk of adopting a positive  life style change. So if you’re worried you have to completely give up some of your faves, not to worry, you can absolutely indulge on your cheat days.

Developing healthy lifestyle habits doesn’t have to happen all at once and in most cases won’t. You basically have to first make the decision to quit unhealthy practices which might take a little time and effort. You can then slowly start to build or replace them with healthier habits and then go on to build on the new habits you’ve picked on.

So say for example you do decide the goal is to get active and become fit as opposed to just being sluggish, this will obviously require some getting used to and the easiest way to do so would be to start with basic fitness routines, remain consistent till your body adapts to its new activity and then proceed to incorporating new routines. So it’s pretty much a “slowly but surely” type situation.

Dieting might take you from point A to point B but adopting a healthy lifestyle will help you build character, discipline and of course take you farther than you can imagine, not to mention save you the cost of unnecessary health scares or even magical weight loss/detox products and mixtures flooding the market in recent times.

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