Want A Healthier Home? Here's How!

Think of a healthy home as a place that enhances not just your well-being but that of your friends, family and loved ones. Creating a healthy home requires becoming more intentional about so many different factors which sum up to your overall well-being. It involves actually creating a safe environment first, and then going ahead to adopt little habits which can improve your lifestyle and make it easier to function and thrive. 

I have curated a list of 10 activities(I like to think of them as habits) that can take your home from zero to a hundred;

Improve General Hygiene
You can’t live in a germ-infested house if your goal is to have a healthy home so you must be conscious of cleaning out your home frequently to get rid of dirt, dust, and bacteria that could grow on surfaces in your home. You also have to take care of your personal hygiene that's where it all begins actually.


Introduce Soothing Scents And Fragrances To Your Home
There is a calming and therapeutic feeling associated with scents and fragrances, it is why there is such a thing as aromatherapy which is essentially the use of natural plant extracts and essential oils to promote health and well-being. 


Strike Out Processed Foods
This is a no-brainer as you must first cultivate healthy practices in order to build a healthy home and one of such practices is to stop eating processed foods. Even if you can’t do this right away, the best way to gradually cut it off is to not stock up your household with these items.


Eat Out If You Must But With Your Goals In Mind
Creating a healthy home doesn’t have to be boring so you can absolutely eat out if you have to but curb your appetite and do your research before picking hangout spots or eateries to ensure they have standard practices and also operate in a way that caters to the progress you are making in terms of their offering (food, drinks, etc)
Declutter your shelf or refrigerator frequently
For most people this can come as a struggle initially but you get better with time so continually make conscious efforts to declutter your food cabinet or refrigerator. The reason why is simple, there is the tendency to pile up unhealthy and unnecessary products, foodstuff, drinks, and whatnot which if not checked can lure you into slipping right back to old ways.


Have A Meal Planner
A huge reason many people indulge in unhealthy eating habits is because of indiscipline and a lack of proper meal planning. Meal planning not only serves as a guide to healthy eating but also helps you commit to a routine, the best part is you don’t always have to worry about what to cook or eat next as you already have that mapped out clearly.


Research New & Interesting Healthy Meal Recipes To Try Out
This helps you stay up to date with healthy food trends which can prove useful to you and your family. The Internet holds so much information, there is always something new for you to try out and chances are you will always come back for more.


Healthy Drinks Over Beer & Carbonated Drinks
So you want a healthy home, Great! It is time for you to reshuffle your drink catalog. You want to get used to drinking more water and trying out more DIY smoothies which have amazing health benefits for you by the way.


Be Mindful Of Your Mental Health
All of the above-listed tips will amount to nothing if your mental health is on zero and this is why it is so important to keep all negativity at the doorstep, do not let it in your space. There’s only so much you can do for yourself and those around you when your mental state of mind is crappy. You can try to practice meditation, read books, watch your favorite movies or listen to edifying music to get you through your bad days.


Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Activities
Fitness in itself is a lifestyle and surely you cannot be talking about wanting a healthy home without talking about fitness, they go hand in hand. Exercise feeds your mind, soul, and body, no matter how little time, try to get in some workout, your body will always be thankful for it.
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