How to Take Better Care Of Your Heart; 6 Key Tips for You

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 33% of non-communicable disease deaths in Nigeria yearly and of course double the amount on a worldwide scale. What are cardiovascular diseases to begin with? These are a host of diseases that affect the normal function of the human heart, usually chronic.

As we age, we are more susceptible to heart-related diseases for different factors which could span from genetics to environmental and behavioral factors. Essentially, a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk of picking up a cardiovascular disease, believe it or not, that is not cliché; you can increase your lifespan just by living healthy and staying away from practices that can jeopardize your heart health.

The heart is a very essential organ responsible for many different processes in the body amongst which are pumping and regulating blood transportation around the body, controlling your heart rate, and maintaining blood pressure. But even all this is not reason enough for some of us to take proper care of this very magnificent organ, not even the fact that getting a transplant runs into millions of naira.

We can do better in caring for our hearts by taking the following steps;

Engage in Cardio Exercises


A good cardio session has lots of amazing benefits to your heart health which include strengthening your heart allowing for it to efficiently pump blood throughout the body, lowering blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol levels in the body.

Become More Intentional About Your Diet

Balanced diet

A large percentage of what you eat affects your body in more ways than you could know. This is why I still think we can do better in educating the younger generation about food and nutrition. Typically, healthy nutrition tailored specifically for the improvement of better heart function will include fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids, and less salt(while salt has its uses and is good for the body, too much of it can damage your heart by increasing your blood pressure)

Maintain Healthy Weight

Healthy weight loss

Take no pride in being obese for your good. Excessive weight is a silent agent of heart failure so while it may seem as though you are good, you’re not really good and could be dying slowly. Watch your weight, eat healthy and clean, and of course burn some of those calories by working out.

Regular Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Level Tests

sugar testing

If you are in the habit of waiting till something is wrong before making an appointment with your health care provider then you are wrong and may just be setting yourself up for impending danger. One of the best and most approved ways of preventing possible heart failure is to regularly check your blood pressure level not only should you check your BP, but you should also check your blood sugar level, this also lowers your risk of diabetes which is also a risk factor for heart diseases.

Seek Help If You Are a Regular User

Alcohol and smoke addict

Drugs and alcohol abuse are like sworn enemies of your heart which means that you could already be in danger if you happen to be an addict. For the sake of your heart and to prevent possible complications (including death) that could arise from using, stop damaging your heart by smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs.

Be Mindful of Unsupervised Medications;

Unsupervised drug usuage

This is especially so for, counter pills which have lesser regulations and restrictions, it is important to note that some medications can increase your risk of heart diseases and consequently have dire effects on the heart. Certain medications when taken can also interact with other medications to cause issues for you, so if you have to self-medicate, do so with proper knowledge.

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