Vitamin D3 and COVID-19 symptoms (Myths vs Facts)

In recent times, the‘Sunshine Vitamin’ Vitamin D has been getting a lot of love and attention largely owing to the fact that it is thought to prevent or even cure the corona virus disease, a theory which has been heightened by videos flying around of victims who claim Vitamin D is included in their Covid medication.

As a result of the complexities of the COVID, it is pertinent that we separate the myths from the facts and today on the blog we decided to differentiate what’s real from what’s just mere fallacy especially because of the nature of this dreadful disease.

Covid-19 as the name implies simply means Corona Virus Disease-19 and was discovered in 2019. From the time of its inception till now, there has been an increasing mortality rate associated with the disease which has left the world in constant panic as to the seriousness and well rapidness. A disease of this magnitude most certainly comes with numerous speculations and even bad press focusing on its causes, medications, possible cure and the likes.

Let’s get right into the Facts and Myths;


There is no study to back this up neither has there been any science that shows a  relationship between Vitamin D and Corona Virus and until there is, this should be regarded as mere fallacy. Sanitize, wear a nose mask, drink lots of water and of course stay away from crowded spaces and if absolutely necessary then social distances it is also said to be air borne. These are the guidelines that have been stipulated to curb the spread of the virus and should be observed strictly to avoid contracting the Corona virus. There has however been approved vaccinations currently endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which are already being administered to people in a bid to prevent them from contracting the virus AND AS SOON AS Nigeria can prove to the CDC that it does have storage facilities for the vaccines then we can also start getting vaccine shots which by the way works by training your immune system to resist and learn to fight the virus responsible for causing the disease


This is absolutely far from the truth especially because the covid virus has confined everyone to their homes and literally more than half of the world’s population observed the lockdown with some countries still being placed on total lockdown in order to stop the spread of the virus. Now if there’s one thing we know about Vitamin D, it would be that it is formed in the skin after a significant amount of exposure to Sunlight, meaning that many have been left with little or no contact with the outside world let alone having the time to sunbath as everyone has just been indoors and not enough sunlight equals not enough amount or low Vitamin D levels leading to a deficiency of Vitamin D. We can get sufficient levels of Vitamin D from the sun but with an increase in indoor activities, clothing covering much of our bodies in places where it’s really cold, and even daily use of sunscreen, we don’t get that natural source of vitamin D much, however good news is that we can enjoy the many benefits of Vitamin D from supplementation. Please see(insert link to vitamin d deficiency) to read up on the health effects of a vitamin deficiency.


Vitamin D has been said to increase the immune cells’ production of microbe-fighting proteins. Adults who have low vitamin D levels are more likely to report having experienced a recent cold, cough, or upper respiratory tract infection. Perhaps this is why people were quick to assume Vitamin D to prevent Covid-19 because of its potential benefits to the immune system. Needless to say, Vitamin D supplementation can lower the odds of developing respiratory infections, particularly in vitamin D deficient patients.

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