The festivities have officially begun and there's a lot of celebration here and there. I know many of you have gone into your detty December mode and I'm all for it considering what a year 2020 has been but here's the thing, while I want you all to bask in the euphoria of the festive season you have to remember that too much of anything is bad and excessive enjoyment can become detrimental to your health and you don't want that do you?

You want to ensure you're resuming back to work or your business strong, healthy and well rested. This is why you do not necessarily have to indulge in every and any activity this season as it is so easy to forget to rest well in preparation for the new year.

Now I don't mean to be a party pooper or spoil the fun. However, I'd like to share a few tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays. Knowing that it's been confirmed that the second wave of the COVID has hit Nigeria, you have to take responsibilty in staying safe for yourself, family and friends.

Let's quickly take a look at some ways to manage our health this period, shall we?

tips to stay healthy during the holidays

Obey The Stipulated COVID Preventive Rules:

I can't stress this enough, please limit outdoor activities as much as you can and if you have to go out don't fail to go with your nose mask, sanitizers and of course observe social distancing. You don't want to be isolating all by yourself now do you?

Protect Your Mental Space:

You may be wondering why this is even a tip, well, your mental health is especially responsible for your general well-being. Stay away from anything that will disturb your peace of mind even in this festive period. Protect your mental health at all cost.

Don't Pass On The Greens:

If you have to pass on any food this season, your veggies shouldn't be one of them. Try to incorporate a lot of vegetables and fruits into your diet, yes pack on them fruit salads, smoothies and all of that good stuff as they are guaranteed to leave you feeling a lot more healthy.

Go Easy On The Alcohol:

The festive season is always an excuse for folks to party endlessly and with that often times comes the excessive alcohol intake. While it's totally okay to have a few drinks or even a few shots but you want to drink responsibly this season.

Exercise And Take Your Vitamins:

Staying fit is a great way to remain active while catching up on all the activities this season. Seize every opportunity you get to do a little exercise  or better still, have a routine. Asides keeping fit, exercising also does a lot for your  mental health as it helps to unite your mind and body  leaving little or no room for distractions. Don't just exercise, take your vitamins, and if you are yet to figure out what vitamins supplements to take, not to worry our Calgovit and Oaklife vitamins ranges is ideal for you.

Enjoyment is absolutely great but too much if it can lead to unwanted consequences and this is why you need to take these aforementioned tips seriously. Remember to Relax, Recuperate and Plan ahead of the new year. I'll see you on the other side but until then, have the best holiday season, you deserve it!

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